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sploot game

Sploot is a silly seagull pooping simulator in which you fly around a town eating bread and constantly crapping, aiming for pedestrians, buildings and cars as you try and get as high a score as possible.

Created from the ground up to work with Oculus Rift (but still playable on a standard screen), the controls are simple – just aim where you want to fly, look down and you’ll plummet downwards, look up and you’ll fly high in the sky.  As you soar around the town, your aim is to get as high a score as possible.  You do this by eating bread (to increase your multiplier) and pooping on as many high value objects as possible (especially the gold ones.)

With it’s simple, crude and silly gameplay, Sploot is a hoot.  Soaring and defecating all over a defenceless town may not be the most noble use emerging of VR technology, but it’s certainly an enjoyable one!

Controls:  Mouse/Oculus Rift – Look in the direction you want to fly (pooping is automatic)

Available On: Windows Only

Note:  Oculus Rift is recommended, but not a necessity.

Download Sploot Here

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