SPOOKWARE: WATCH PARTY – Downloadable Game

SPOOKWARE: WATCH PARTY is a fantastic collection of forty unique WarioWare inspired microgames filled with lots of spooky goodness.

In SPOOKWARE: WATCH PARTY you actually get three games – the original game jam build of SPOOKWARE (featuring 10 microgames), the @ The Videostore spin-off (with 20 microgames) and a demo of the full SPOOKWARE game (which features another 10 microgames). The games feature three charming skeleton brothers and the microgames behave much like in WarioWare, with you using the mouse of the keyboard to complete them as fast as possible.

The microgames have a horror tint and can see you doing anything from pulling teeth to dodging an angry kraken. If you fail a microgame one of your skeleton bros will die and if all three die then it’s game over.

Even if you’ve played the full version of SPOOKWARE, there’s a lot of fun to be had in WATCH PARTY. The microgames come thick and fast, the Skeleton brothers are a lot of fun and the presentation and variety is very impressive. The 40 microgames on offer easily rival any of Nintendo’s WarioWare offerings and SPOOKWARE’s the only one that will allow you to chop up a leg with a chainsaw!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows


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