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Spotted is a fun little physics-based adventure where you control a quadrupedal robot with a mechanical arm as it tries to escape from an underground lab.

In Spotted you take control of a weird little robot with four legs that has a large mechanical arm that you can grab things with using the mouse. You need to escape the underground faculty you’re in, but it’s patrolled by guards and your battery power only lasts for a short time. You need to grab objects, use them to bash guards, then collect batteries and activate the elevators to allow you to reach the exit. Should be easy for a smart robot like you!

The gameplay in Spotted does get a little repetitive the more you play, but it’s a fun concept with plenty of physics-based hilarity and a charming 2D visual style. It would be nice to see it expanded on with upgrades and more varied level design to make things a bit more interesting, but it’s still a lot of fun going floor-to-floor and wrecking stuff!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Control Arm, RMB – Switch Battery, LMB – Grab, E – Activate Arm

Available On: Windows & Browser

Download or Play Spotted Here

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