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Sprout is a charming and creative little puzzle adventure that sees you growing a seed into different types of trees as it tries to traverse the games stylish hand drawn landscape.

In Sprout you start as a little seed on a desert island filled with coconut trees. You’re surrounded by coconut trees but you feel like you’re not destined to be a one, you’re going to be a mighty oak, but first you need to learn how to be an oak. You can learn how to be any type of tree you like as long as you’ve already met one, but the oak forest is a long way away – how can you get there?

Taking around 10 minutes to playthrough, Sprout sees you meeting other trees and learning how to grow into them, using their unique attributes to help you traverse the landscape. So for instance, the coconut tree can produce coconuts that can roll and float, while the fruit tree can create fruit that animals will eat and then poop out in another area. There are only four different types of tree you can grow into in the game, but their attributes are used in a lot of different ways thanks to some wonderfully inventive puzzle design.

It’s a great little game, with a fun premise, excellent pizzle design and charming hand drawn artwork that’s packed full of character. A wonderful little tree growing puzzler that will grow on you.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Sprout Here

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