St. Nick’s: Dash Away All! – Browser Game

St. Nick’s: Dash Away All! is a charming PICO-8 based retro arcade game which sees you flying through the air, sliding across rooftops and avoiding chimneys as you attempt to deliver as many Christmas presents as possible.

In St. Nick’s: Dash Away All! you control Santa’s sleigh as it flies through the night, attempting to deliver as many presents as possible. The control scheme is a little like a reversal of the traditional Flappy Bird controls, with you holding the down key to dive and releasing it to climb (you need to quickly press and release if you want to quickly climb higher).

You deliver present by dropping down and sliding across the rooftops, but you have to be wary of the chimneys that get in the way and you really don’t want to be running into the side of any buildings. You only have a set amount of time to deliver presents so you need to land on as many roofs as possible and avoid those hazards!

It’s a simple game but very addictive and packed full of festive cheer. The pixel art and chiptune soundtrack are excellent and it’s very easy to pick up and play. A retro reindeer romp that’ll jump start your festive spirit!

Controls: Hold Down Key – Drop, Release Down Key – Rise, Tap & Release Down Key – Rise Faster.

Available On: All Browsers

Gameplay Video: Here

Play St. Nick’s: Dash Away All! Here

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