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Stereo Driver is a trippy little musical driving experience that allows you to rip songs off of YouTube and drive through a procedurally generated terrain that reacts to the music.

More of an experience than a game, Stereo Driver allows you to potter about in a car in a landscape that reacts to the music that you’re playing. You can use your own MP3s or you can instantly download the songs from YouTube videos and play them instantly. Initially you can only listen to one song, but as you drive around you can collect cassettes which allow you to download more, which you can then switch between as you drive.

The landscapes do get a little repetitive after a while, but it’s a fun little experience that’s perfect for going for a spin and listening to tunes. The ability to rip songs straight off YouTube is a fantastic touch, which really makes the whole experience a lot more user friendly – who has MP3s nowadays anyway?

Controls: WASD – Movement, Return – Change Song, Mouse – Select Song

Available On: Windows

Download Stereo Driver Here

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