Stereogram – Downloadable Game

Stereogram is an eye-breaking platformer that you can only see by looking closely and unfocusing your eyes!

Created by Daniel Linssen (creator of Windowframe and Tumbledown Drive), Stereogram uses the same principles of autostereogram (Magic Eye) pictures to create a platformer that you can only see if you look at it in the correct way. At first it looks like a pair of static filled screens, but after a short setup procedure (and a little practice) the two screens blend together into a 3D image and you can start playing.

The actual platforming is (thankfully) fairly simple, with you making your way through a series of short single-screen levels. Some sections can be a little tricky but the real challenge is keeping your eyes unfocused as you attempt to make your way through all 100 eye-melting levels!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Jump

Available On: Windows

Download Stereogram Here

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