STICK MATCH – Browser Game


STICK MATCH is a very silly and infuriatingly hard local multiplayer game in which each player attempts to sink their stick into the hole in the middle of the arena.

Created By Daniel Linssen (HopSlide, Twitter Island), all you have to do in STICK MATCH is put your stick into a hole. Sound easy? It’s really not! Pressing a direction in the game doesn’t necessarily move you in that direction – it moves you in the direction your stick is facing. Each stick has a front and a back (and a top and bottom), which you can deduce from the white markings at the ends. It’s very hard to keep track of which way is forward though as (a) the markings aren’t very clear (b) your stick rolls when it moves and (c) there’s another player in the arena making things ever tricker.

It’s all very confusing, silly and chaotic, with plenty of tense moments when a player is right on the edge of the pit (but more often than not they’ll press the wrong button and roll away!). Never before has such a simple task as putting a stick in a hole been so hard to achieve – but it’s lots of fun!

Controls: WASD – P1 Movement, Arrow Keys – P2 Movement

Available On: Browser & Windows

Download or Play Stick Match Here

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