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Stilt Fella is a super tough QWOP-Like  in which you have to traverse 14 increasingly tough levels atop two independently controlled stilts.  Be warned, stilt walking is surprisingly tricky you will fall on your face a LOT!

Forget the daredevil feats of agility in in the GIF above, when you first start out in Stilt Fella, you’ll be lucky to walk a few steps without falling on your face.  Best played with a 360 controller, each analogue stick controls an independent side, while the trigger buttons are used to lift the stilts off the floor.  This may sound fairly simple, but it really isn’t.

As daunting as they may seem, each level is actually possible, complete them all and you’ll even unlock a secret character.  The key in Stilt Fella is perseverance, with a bit of practice, things start to click and you’ll be a stilt walking pro (well maybe not a pro, but you’ll fall on your face a little less!).

Controls: Keyboard & Mouse Available, But Best played with a Controller – Left Analogue Stick – Move/Lean left stilt,   LT – Lift Left Stilt,  Right Analogue Stick – Move/Lean Right Stilt,  RT – Lift Right Stilt

Available On:  Windows, Mac & Linux

Tips For Getting Started:  Remember to release the trigger button to put your stilt down.  Also, swaying forward before lifting your stilts helps you build up a bit of forward momentum.

Download Stilt Fella Here

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