Stomp It Up – Downloadable Game

Stomp it up game

Stomp it Up is a super silly button masher in which you tap the cursor keys to stomp your feet and carry out random tasks, with an aim of getting as high a score as possible.

Taking around a minute to complete, Stomp it Up can only be discribed as a foot stomping Wario Ware on speed. A playthough consists of a variety of humorously animated scenes, all of which require you to stomp your feet in some manner, as decreed by the instructions at the corner of the screen. There’s no rhythm required, you just have to mash the buttons as fast as possible, with an aim of getting a high score.

It’s a fun game, with a silly premise, excellent pixel art animation and an infectious soundtrack. Lace up your dancing boots for some wonderfully ridiculus foot stomping action!

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Stomp Your Feet

Available On:  Windows only

Gameplay Video:  Here

Note: We’d recommend playing in hard mode.

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

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