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Stop Eating is a very strange and very challenging action puzzler that sees you helping a block of cheese avoid being eaten by lots of hungry disembodied heads.

In Stop Eating your aim is to navigate a maze that’s made up of 43 individual levels. Each level contains one or more disembodied heads which will automatically roll towards the nearest food source and try to eat it, then when all the food is gone they’ll try to eat you! You need to kill all the heads before you can move on to the next section, which can be quite tricky as they have you outnumbered and they’re faster than you.

Stacks of pancakes are the food that the heads crave the most and if they eat two stacks then they will multiply, making things even trickier for you. However if you grab a stack of pancakes cand combine them with a puddle of blue juice then drop it on the ground again then it will kill any head that eats it. You’re slower than the heads, but if you get them to roll through a puddle of blue juice then it’ll slow them down, and you also get a short speed boost whenever you drop an object.

It’s a strange, but very addictive and very tough little puzzler. Your little block of cheese has a very limited move-set, but the level design manages to find lots of clever ways to test your abilities. You’ll need fast reflexes and quick thinking as you attempt to herd those hungry heads where you want them while avoiding being chomped!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Jump, X – Drop Object (Control Pad Compatible)

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Stop Eating Here

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