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storium game

Storium is an awesome collaborative online storytelling game in which you and your friends (or strangers) play characters who interact through a series of scenes, overcoming challenges and writing your own unique story.

Playing a little like D&D, but with storytelling being the focus, Storium is played by 3-5 players, with one player being the ‘Narrator’ and the rest playing characters in the story. After choosing from a selection of themes for their story (from Cyberpunk to Medical Drama) the Narrator uses ‘Narrator Cards’ (Place, Character & Obstacle) to lay out the opening of the scene and to issue challenges for the characters to overcome. Then the other players use ‘Player Cards’ (Nature, Strength, Weakness, Subplot, Asset & Goal) to create their character, describe their actions and overcome challenges. With each turn the players also write a little narrative to justify their actions and progress the story.

This intricate interaction between players allows for some excellent pieces of collaborative storytelling. It’s a powerful tool that nurtures creativity, imagination and interaction. Whether you’re embarking on a space adventure or starring in an occult pulp horror, you’ll be amazed at this free flowing community-based storytelling experience that really gets the creative juices flowing.

Controls:  Point, Click & Type

Available On:  All Browsers

Note: Check out a useful intro video here

Play Storium Here

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