StoryShift – Browser & Mobile Game


StoryShift is an innovative new community-driven storytelling platform for books and graphic novels in which the community votes to decide what happens at pivotal points in the story.

There are currently 19 stories on the platform (two of which are somics), being created by a variety of talented authors/artists.  The storytelling is consistently of a high standard and the artwork in the two currently available comics (Cold Read by Kareem B. Najjar and Kansas by MK Douma) is excellent.

Each of the stories goes through an ongoing development cycle – the author writes a chapter with a selection of possible actions at the end, the public are allowed to vote for around a week, then the author writes a new chapter based on the results of the vote.  It’s a fun system, allowing readers to feel more involved in the story and allowing authors to have more interaction with their readers.  A ‘choose your own adventure’ for the whole community.

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click

Available On:  Browser, Android

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

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