Strange Keyworld – Browser Game

Strange Keyworld is a very cleverly crafted pixel art puzzle platformer where you can only use the keys shown on screen and you can use them as platforms, but they disappear when you press them.

In Strange Keyworld you control a little one-eyed creature as it makes its way through a minimalist black and white world. The control scheme is very unique, in that you can only use the keys that are displayed on the screen. So for instance, if there is no right button on the screen then you can’t go right or if there’s no jump button then you can’t jump.

Another important aspect of the game is that all of the keys displayed on-screen are solid objects which you can use as platforms. BUT, when you press the corresponding key then the platform disappears and you pass through it.

Strange Keyworld uses its unique key-based game world in lots of inventive ways during its 20 minute playtime. Each new puzzle you come across asks you to use your key pressing abilities in different ways, with you really having to think outside of the box to solve some of them. Highly recommended.

Controls: Keyboard – Movement

Available On: Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Strange Keyworld Here

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