Stray DOOM – Doom Mod

Stray DOOM is a delightful little DOOM mod that transforms Doomguy into the cat from Stray.

Are you bored of playing DOOM from the same old first person perspective? Do you ever get fed up of being Doomguy? Do you like cats? If your answer is yes to those questions then you’ll love Stray DOOM – a third person mod for Doom that allows you to play as the cat from Stray!

The mod is fairly simple but transformative, with you taking control of a cute little three dimensional cat with a hovering drone (which presumably does all the shooting). You can go into the options menu to get your preferred camera position and you can choose between playing as a normal cat or a cat with a Doomguy helmet on. A couple of particularly enjoyable features are the ability to meow and the idle animations when you stand still for a while. It’s a purrfect little mod that proves that demons are no match for an angry cat!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: GZDoom

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Stray DOOM Here

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