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street beat saviour game download

Street Beat Saviour is a charming musical puzzle platforming adventure in which you play an anthropomorphic boombox that brings funk back to the beatless in a world where groovy beats have been outlawed.

In Street Beat Saviour you play Boomwalker, an adorable little boombox who’s on a mission to bring cool beats and jams back to a grim, post-apocalyptic world where music is banned. You must use your musical skills to move objects, solve puzzles, travel through speaker wires, avoid guards and play cool tunes for the bored citizens who are scattered throughout each level.

It’s quite a simple game, with fairly easy puzzle design, but it’s a fun premise, with charming pixel art visuals and funky tunes. A funky little musical adventure well worth pressing play on.

Controls: WASD/Arrow Keys – move, Space – Jump, J/LMB – Blast Sound, K/RMB – Travel Through Steakers, L/Middle Mouse Button – Dance!

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Street Beat Saviour Here

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