StreetCrowd – Browser Game

streetCrowd 4

StreetCrowd is an fun globe-trotting game that uses Google Streetview to drop you in remote places in the world, then you have to use cues from your surroundings to try and guess where in the world you are.

Gameplay is split into Solo and Team play, with you first exploring your location by yourself and making your best guess by sticking a pin in the map.  You then join up with your team and discuss your answers, and hopefully decide on somewhere that’s not the opposite side of the world from the real location!

The locations are generally quite remote, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to rely on street signs or well known landmarks to influence your decisions – instead you generally have to rely on observations in the local fauna, landscapes, people and architecture.  It’s quite tricky to pin down a precise location on the map, but with a bit of luck, you’ll at least get the right continent!

Controls:  Mouse – Look/Move, Type To Chat

Available On:  All Browsers

Play StreetCrowd Here

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