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Streets of Rage 2X is a very impressive Streets of Rage 2 remake with upgraded visuals, 4 player co-op, improved enemy AI, unlockable characters and lots of other great gameplay tweaks.

Created in the OpenBOR engine, Streets of Rage 2X adds a whole host of new features that transforms the gameplay from a button masher to a more skill based (and challenging) beat ‘em up experience. It features wide screen visuals, updated visual effects, air combos, 4 player co-op, blocking, guard-breaking, random enemy spawns, a new Rage skill and a wide range of unlockable characters. The four main characters from the original are playable fromthe start, but if you complete the game in different game modes you’ll unlock enemy and boss characters to play as (just keep pressing right at the character select screen).

With all the new implementations Streets of Rage 2X is much harder than the original and some of the bosses can be a real challenge to defeat. It feels like a much more skill based experience with combat that flows faster and a range of new moves to master. It could do with a few tweaks to the difficulty of some of the boss fights as they feel a little unfair at times, but it’s a very impressive game and a fantastic tribute to a retro classic. Highly recommended old school beat ’em up action.

Controls: Keyboard – Mappable

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Streets of Rage 2X Here

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