Streets Of Rage: Silent Hill – Downloadable Game

Streets of Rage Silent Hill

Streets of Rage: Silent Hill is a fabulous fan made mash-up that utilises the OpenBoR engine to re-imagine Konami’s renowned horror franchise as a Streets of Rage-style arcade brawler.

Players can play as James, Maria, Angela, Travis, Eddie, Heather, Pyramid Head and Scarlet, all with their own attacks based on Streets of Rage characters. As the combat is based on a 16-bit arcade brawler, the move-sets of the playable characters are a little limited, but it’s the fantastic work that’s gone into animating the enemies that will really keep you playing.  Nearly  every enemy throughout the whole Silent Hill franchise has been recreated in all it’s repulsive glory, along with big boss fights at the end of each stage.

Konami may of killed off the Silent Hill franchise, but as long as fans of the series make games as great as this, it’ll never go away.  A superb retro beat-em-up action with some spectacularly gruesome monsters.

Controls:  Used Defined in Options (Control Pad Compatible)

Available On:  Windows

Gameplay Video:  Here

Download Streets Of Rage: Silent Hill Here

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