STUG – Downloadable Game

STUG is a physics-based multiplayer tank warfare game where you can bounce your shots around the arena as you attempt to dominate your rivals.

In STUG you will take part in 5v5 tank battles in small top-down arenas. There’s a variety of different unlockable vehicles and there are special weapons that you can use, but the basics of combat are that you want to blow up your rivals.

Tanks are heavily armored front the front, have medium armor on the side and are lightly armored to the rear. This means it takes a lot of shots to kill an enemy head-on, but only one if you hit them from behind. This makes for some very tactical battles, particularly as your reload rate is pretty low and you can bounce your shots off scenery to try and hit them from behind!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Steam

Download STUG Here

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