Subject Twelve – Download Game

Subject Twelve is a short and stylish narrative based Geometry Wars style twin-stick shooter in which you the game doesn’t want you to play it and will try and get you to quit at every oportunity.

In Subject Twelve you are tasked with investigating a mysterious .exe file called ‘Subject Twelve’ and recovering any useful information that may be invaluable to your organization. Upon botinn it up it seems to be a Geometry Wars style twin stick shooter, but the game really doesn’t want you to play it and asks you more and more forcefully to stop at the end of each level.

It’s not too tricky to beat Subject Twelve, with a fill playthrough taking around 10 minutes, but it impresses with it’s stylish visuals and interesting narrative. Will you stop or will you forge on and discover what secrets this mysterious .exe file is hiding?

Controls: WASD – Movement, Arrow Keys – Fire, E – Ok, Q – Cancel (Control Pad Supported)

Available On: Windows

Download Subject Twelve Here

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