Subvertigo – Downloadable Game


Subvertigo is a very cool 360º top-down shooter in which you can build and augment your ship on-the-fly, turning it from a cute little single fire weakling to a monstrous behemoth that unleashes bullet hell on any foe that stands in your way.

In each level you must blast enough enemies to open the exit portal.  These enemies will randomly drop small ship parts, including powerful weapons and special abilities, that you can attach to any part of your ship by simply manoeuvring and pressing ‘E’.

Thanks to the level and enemy design there’s a wonderfully organic feel to Subvertigo.  This organic feel especially extends to your craft, as you wield more and more sections onto it joins bend with your movement, making it feel more like a growing multicellular life-form than a bullet blasting space craft.  You’ll need to grow big and powerful too, as some of the bosses will really test what you’re made of!

Controls:  WASD –  Movement,  Mouse – Aim, Lmb – Fire,  E – Attach Part.

Available on:  Windows Only

Download Subvertigo Here

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