Sulka – Browser Game

Sulka is a delightful little pixel art puzzle platformer where a little bird flips between axis of gravity as it tries to make its way back to its nest.

Created by Kultsti (creator of Epolevne and Nullcat) Sulka is a short and beautifully crafted little puzzle platformer where you can flip gravity upside down. In each level your aim is to guide your little bird to the exit (often collecting keys first). Your little bird can’t fly but when they jump through the yellow dotted lines in the levels then gravity inverts, allowing you to reach new areas, collect keys and avoid hazards.

The core concept of inverting gravity in a platformer is nothing new, but what makes Sulka so great is the inventive level design that makes great use of the concept and manages to squeeze a lot of complexity out of its simple looking levels. It makes for a ten minute gravity-flipping brain teaser full of charm and creativity. Highly recommended.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: Windows & Browser

Download or Play Sulka Here

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