Sumo Sumo – Browser Game

Sumo Sumo Game

Sumo Sumo is a super silly and addictive one or two player physics-based Sumo game in which two sticks do battle across a variety of bizarre, minimalistic arenas pushing and pulling each other for glory.

Playable in local co-op or in a high score chasing single player mode, your aim is to push yourself and the opposition out of their side of the arena (so P1 pushes right and P2 pushes left). Instead of overweight Japanese wrestlers, each player is represented by a colorful popsicle stick, joined at the center by a bar. Combined with the variety of object-filled arenas and fun audio, this makes for some wonderfully intense bouts as players flail their sticks around, attempting to get some purchase and pull the opposition to their doom. A super addictive and super fun game that distils the ancient sport of Sumo down to two buttons and two popsicle sticks!

Controls: P1 – A/D, P2 – Arrow Keys

Available On: All Browsers

Play Sumo Sumo Here

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