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SumoTi me is a fun massively multiplayer browser based blend of bumper cars and Sumo wrestling in which you attempt to charge at opponents and bash them s out of the ring.

In your goal is to bash as many of your opponents out of the ring as possible. The best technique for doing this is to charge at them then press the spacebar to temporarily increase your mass to give as big a bash as possible. It’s best not to press the spacebar unless you’re hitting an opponent though as it decreases your mobility significantly, which can really get you in trouble!

Knock an opponent out and you’ll earn points that you can use to upgrade your stats, turning you from a puny little weakling into a big bashing behemoth. It’s a surprisingly tricky game in which you’ll really need to time your attacks perfectly, and it makes for a very addictive experience – a great bit of massively multiplayer Sumo bashing well worth checking out.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Increase Density

Available On: All browsers

Play Here

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