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Sun of the Children is a short and beautiful 2.5D dual control puzzle platforming adventure in which you attempt to unite a land-bound Stardust Boy and a water-bound Grasshair Girl.

Taking around 10 mnutes to complete, Sun of the Children is a beautiful little worldless experience that sees you controlling a land based Stardust Boy with the left analogue stick and an aquatic Grasshair Girl with the right analogue stick. After falling from the skies you initially control Stardust Boy alone, with him exploring a colorless and barren looking land. The controls do feel a little awkward initially (with you pushing up on the analogue stick to jump) but once you meet your aquatic companion it all starts to make sense and color starts to spread across the land…

It can be easy to miss important actions in Sun of the Children (such as activating your aquatic companion), but as long as you pay close attention to the environment then it’s not too tough. It’s a beautiful game, particularly during the later stages as plantlife blossoms and the game world becomes increasingly vibrant. A magical little dual control adventure well worth checking out.

Controls: Keyboard or Control Pad (Control Pad Recommended)

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Sun of the Children Here

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