Super Cat Planet – Downloadable Game

Cat Planet

Super Cat Planet is a charming fan made remake of the original Cat Planet, in which you explore a whimsical world, traversing tricky hazards, finding cats and unlocking hats.

You play a winged angel who must explore the world and find all the cute little cats.  This will be easier said than done though as the world of Super Cat Planet is filled with new areas to explore and deadly hazards to avoid.  You have the nifty ability to fly, but you have quite  lot of inertia so will have to be careful as you explore the increasingly more perilous recesses of Super Cat Planet‘s vast world.  Will you be able to find all the cats?

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement,  Spacebar – Jump/Fly,  Up + Spacebar – Fly upwards quickly

Available On:  Windows Only

Download Super Cat Planet Here

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