Super Enucleation 3D PLUS – Downloadable Game

Super Enucleation 3D PLUS is a bizarre gravity-bending 3D platformer with a visual style inspired by 90’s encyclopedia software.

Created by students from Future Games, Super Enucleation 3D PLUS is a trippy little 3D platformer where your gravity changes to allow you to stick to the surface you’re currently rolling along. You can’t stick to a surface that’s perpendicular to you, but if there’s a slope then you can roll onto it. Your goal in each level is to reach the exit, and you can search for secrets along the way.

The levels in Super Enucleation 3D PLUS are pretty short and you can blow through it in around 15 minutes, but it takes a little longer to find all the secrets. It’s a for little game with a very striking visual style and creative level design that makes clever use of the gravity-bending gameplay. An inventive little game well worth rolling with.

Controls: Mouse and Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows

Download Super Enucleation 3D PLUS Here

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