Super Fun Action Chess – Browser Game

Super Fun Action Chess features a rather chaotic and fast paced take on the classic game of Chess, with all actions happening in real time rather than being turn based!

As in traditional Chess, Super Fun Action Chess features 1v1 strategic battles with chess pieces on a chequered board. All the pieces have the same movesets as traditional Chess and matches are won by capturing the opponent’s king. However, rather that taking turns to move pieces, you can move pieces whenever you want, with the battle unfolding in real-time.

Super Fun Action Chess features a Quick Match option or a Story Mode, both of which sees you doing battle against AI opponents. The matches can get pretty chaotic as attacks come thick and fast and it can be easy to be quickly overrun. The key lies in guiding one piece to capture the opponent’s king while managing to keep one eye on the rest of the battle.

Super Fun Action Chess does lack the strategy of traditional chess, but it’s fun twist on a classic game, with charming pixel art animation and fast paced matches that can be over in under a minute. It certainly gives a new meaning to the term ‘Speed Chess’!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser

Download or Play Super Fun Action Chess Here

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