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Super Karate Kid is a fan-made remake of the NES Karate Kid Game that allows you to take good old Daniel-san on an ass kicking side-scrolling adventure.

In Super Karate Kid you control Daniel from the Karate Kid moves as he uses his karate skills to fight his way through a series of side scrolling beat ‘em up levels. As in the original NES game, the settings are very loosely based on places from the first and second films, the most memorable of which is the karate tournament which acts as the first level.

The visuals of Super Karate Kid are far better than the NES original but as it’s based on a game that’s over 30 years old, don’t expect the most complex of fighting systems. You can punch, kick, duck, jump and use your special Crane Kick move to do some extra damage (best saved for bass fights). Once you reach the second level and onwards you can enter doors of houses to take part in minigames, such as catching flies with chopsticks or smashing boards.

It’s a very tough game that feels pretty unfair at times (especially from the third level onwards), but that’s mainly because it’s staying faithful to the original game design than a new flaw in the remake. If you can deal with it’s unforgiving retro gameplay then you’ll find a lot to like about Super Karate Kid and it’s worth checking out for the fantastic intro sequence alone!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, A – Attack, S – Crane Kick, D – Jump

Available On: Windows

Important Note: Press “UP” When Outside Doors To Enter Houses For Minigames

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Super Karate Kid Here

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