Super Marble Madness – Downloadable Game

Super Marble Madness is a stylish reimagining of the classic Marble Madness game, which sees you guiding a marble through an eye-melting maze.

The gameplay in Super Marble Madness is fairly similar to the classic Marble Madness game, with you attempting to guide a marble through a challenging obstacle course to the goal. There are some minor puzzle elements in Super Marble Madness though and the maze has lots of moving parts.

Super Marble Madness features one large level that takes around 10 minutes to play through. It’s a fun little game with a nice sense of momentum, challenging gameplay and a very unique style. The visuals are particularly mesmerizing and the levels have some very creative level design. A vibrant and fun little platformer well worth rolling with.

Controls: Movement – WASD

Available On: Windows

Download Super Marble Madness Here

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