Super Mario 64 HD – Downloadable Game

Siper Mario 64 HD

Super Mario 64 HD is a near-perfect recreation of the entire first level from Super Mario 64 in Unity 5, complete with Bob-ombs, Bob-omb Buddies, Goombas, coins, boulders and mini-mountain to climb.

The only things that are missing are the wing cap power-up and the Big Bob-omb, everything else is a perfect recreation, including all Mario’s animations and soundbytes.  Unfortunately the developer does not plan on working on this project anymore, so it’s unlikely we’ll see any more levels, but it’s a wonderfully nostalgic trip exploring Bob-omb Battlefield with everyone’s favourite plumber.

Controls:  Keyboard & Mouse or Control Pad (Use Options Menu To Switch Between Controls)

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Super Mario 64 HD Here

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