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Super Mario 64 Odyssey is a fantastic fan made rom hack that retrofits Super Mario Odyssey’s cappy mechanics into Mario’s classic N64 adventure, allowing you to capture and take control of any character in the game!

Super Mario 64 Odyssey is another incredible rom hack by seasoned Super Mario 64 modder, Kaze Emanuar (Portal Mario, Super Mario 64 Online). After playing Mario’s latest outing on Switch he decided to try adding the Cappy mechanics to Super Mario 64 and the results are game changing, game breaking and a hell of a lot of fun!

It’s still the Super Mario 64 we all know and love, but if you press the L trigger everything changes – Mario hurls Cappy in front of him allowing you to capture and control enemies (and some inanimate objects) or if nothing’s in front of you Cappy will spin for a while, allowing you to jump on him and bounce in the air. It also introduces some of Odyssey’s new moves for Mario, such as the cannonball roll, the bounce jump and the long jump, that can be used in conjunction with Cappy to pull off some cool stunts.

Pretty much any character in Super Mario 64 Odyssey is capturable, even the bosses, the decorative little butterflies and Lakitu (if you throw your hat just before he swoops down and talks to you at the start of the game. Most of the characters don’t really do much – you can just move them along the ground or through the air, but it’s great fun nonetheless and allows you to experience a N64 classic in a whole new way. Highly recommended.

Portal Gun Controls: L – Throw Cappy, B (During Ground Pound) – Jumpdive, A (During Ground Pound Landing) – Bounce Jump.

Available On: All N64 Emulators – Project64 v2.3.2 Works Well (Google It)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Super Mario 64 Odyssey Here (Link is in Video Description)

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