Super Mario Bros 64 – Download Game

Super Mario Bros 64 is a fan made N64 rom mod that recreates the original NES Super Mario Bros game in the Mario 64 game engine and allows you to play as either Mario, Luigi, Wario or Waluigi!

Another incredible Super Mario 64 rom mod by Kaze Emanuar (creator of such delights as Super Mario 64 Odyssey and Bowsette in Mario 64), Super Mario Bros 64 allows you to play through 30 classic NES Super Mario Bros recreated in the Mario 64 game engine. You get infinite lives to play through the game, but are given a ‘Par’ for each level, referring to the amount of lives an average player should lose per level, and you earn points for losing as few lives as possible. There are four playable characters (Mario, Luigi, Wario and Luigi), each of which has their own unique jump height which can make the game harder or easier (we’d recommend Wario or Luigi for your first playthrough).

Super Mario Bros 64 is often an infuriatingly tough experience as the Super Mario 64 control scheme isn’t anywhere near as precise as that of the original NES Super Mario Bros game and some of the collision detection is a bit dodgy. It’s a fun little blend to two all time platforming classics though and well worth checking out for a bit of mario mash-up fun.

Controls: Mappable In Emulator

Available On: N64 Emulators (Project64k core1.4_v0.13 Recommended)

Gameplay Video: Here

Note: You’ll Find Info On How To Run The Mod Here (And Info On Where to Get An Original Super Mario 64 ROM)

Download Super Mario Bros 64 Here (or Via Direct Link Here)

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