Super Mario Death Row! – Download Game

Super Mario Death Row! is a very funny little parody game which sees Mario reliving old memories and saying goodbye to his pals as he goes to face death with dignity.

Mario has committed a truly unforgivable crime and now must be executed. There’s no escaping his fate now, but at least he can face it like a man. As he walks from his jail cell to the execution room he can look at pictures that line the walls showing his many achievements and he can say goodbye to some of his pals.

Taking around 15 minute to play through, Super Mario Death Row! is pretty much a shit-post turned into a game, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun nonetheless. It’s packed full of delightfully crude looking recreations of classic Mario characters and hilarious little gags (such as the way the whole thing is presented as a Nintendo Direct). Sure, it’s a shame to see the plucky little plumber go, but his crime was truly unforgivable. RIP Mario.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z/X – Interact

Available On: Windows

Download Super Mario Death Row! Here

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