Super Mario Typing Bros – Browser Game

Super MArio Typing Bros Game

Super Mario Typing Bros sees you attempting to make your way through a randomly generated Super Mario Bros-style Mushroom Kingdom while the keys bindings you use for your movement are constantly changing to random letter on the keyboard!

Playable in singleplayer or simultaneous local multiplayer, Super Mario Typing Bros offers a fun twist on a Nintendo classic. Played on the keyboard, you start the game with traditional WASD controls, but every few seconds one of the keys gets swapped out for a random letter in the keyboard. As the game screen continually auto-scrolls to the right you don’t need to worry too much about using the left button, but a change to the jump and right buttons can be fatal if you’re not prepared!

As you make your way past precarious jumps, Goombas and Spinies your occasionally reach flag posts. Unfortunately these flag posts don’t save your progress as they do in Super Mario Bros, but actually make the game even harder by speeding up the auto-scrolling and speeding up the frequency of the key changes – it’s not long until you’re frantically fingering across the keyboard attempting to save your plucky plumber from a premature death!

It’s a fun game that makes for a fabulously frustrating, but super addictive, finger-breaking take on Mario’s classic precision platforming gameplay (and it’s infinitely more fun than Mario Teaches Typing!)

Controls: The Entire Keyboard!

Available On: All Browsers

Play Super Mario Typing Bros Here

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