Super Ness – Browser Game

Super Ness is a charming and challenging little arcade game where the Loch Ness Monster uses their head to rescue ships from their impending doom.

Monsters often get a bad rap, but they’re not all bad, in Super Ness you take on the role of one of the world’s most famous monsters and help to save humans rather then eating them. The gameplay is fairly simple, with you controlling the movement of Nessie’s head with the mouse, allowing you to lift, push, or sink ships, crates and mines with your head so that the ships make it to the other side of the screen in one piece.

It’s a simple little game, but it’s a lot of fun – thanks largely to the adorable looking nessie and the mouse based control scheme. It would be nice to see it expended on as it’s a great concept.

Controls: Mouse – Move Nessie

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Super Ness Here

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