Super Puzzle Platformer Plus – Downloadable Game

super puzzle platformer 1

Super Puzzle Platformer Plus is a wonderfully infectious arcade puzzle platformer that mixes fast paced platforming with block dropping puzzle action to create something truly unique.

In this superb sequel to Super Puzzle Platformer, you play an adorable little block-man with a cape and a gun who jumps around the screen shooting blocks and trying to survive as long as possible.  As blocks continually fall from the screen you must attempt to clear them in order to have somewhere to stand.  As with other block puzzle games, if blocks of the same color are together and you blast one of them, they’ll all clear and you’ll get a nice bonus in the form of some glowing pellets.  Collect these pellets any you’ll upgrade your weaponry, making block busting much easier.

As well as falling blocks there are plenty other hazards to watch out for – spikes at the bottom of the screen, explosives, block avalanches and spike blocks.  It’s a tricky, but highly addictive game, perfect for a bit of block busting fun.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Shoot

Available On:  Windows only

Download Super Puzzle Platformer Plus Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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