Super Raft Boat – Download Game

Super Raft Boat is an addictive little rafting arcade game where you attempt to build a raft while blasting the swarms of enemies that attack you.

Created for The Global Game Jam 2021, in Super Raft Boat space is a resource that you need to protect with your life. You start with a little raft and you can build new sections every few seconds by pressing the right mouse button. However, you also need to deal with the various airborne and waterborne enemies that attack you and your raft.

You can get in the water and swim around, but you can only shoot when standing on your raft so you need to protect it with your life. This starts off fairly easy, but the difficulty soon ramps up as savage sharks and bint rocks are introduced. And there’s also the issue of a challenging boss fight to deal with at the end of your journey.

It’s a great little game with an addictive gameplay loop, challenging gameplay and excellent pixel art animation. There are also three uniquely skilled characters and unlockable weapons to test out your raft building skills with. See how you fare in these perilous seas!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Super Raft Boat Here

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