Super Ride Grandpa – Downloadable Game

Super Ride Grandpa is a delightfully silly retro arcade racing game where you sit atop your grandpa and race other competitors to win their grandpas!

Forget illegal street racing, grandpa racing is where the real action is nowadays. It’s a competitive sport where grandchildren sit atop their grandpa and ride them like a horse. Races are duels, with you facing off against one grandpa/grandson pairing at a time. And if you win the race, you win their grandpa!

The gameplay in Super Ride Grandpa is simple, but fun. You don;t really win by racing your rival – instead you attempt to dodge obstacles and grab power-ups until your insult-meter is charged up. Then you hurl an insult at them to wear them down. Three insults will win you the match, but you also need to be wary not to hit any objects in the meantime (hit 3 objects and you lose the match).

The racing in Super Ride Grandpa is fun, if a little repetitive, but it’s the humor and the characters that make it really worth playing. The various grandchild/grandpa pairings get increasingly silly and there is an odd satisfaction to winning a grandpa and adding it to your stable. Forget going to space, this is what the next Fast & Furious movie needs to be!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Jump, Return – Insult

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download Super Ride Grandpa Here

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