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Super Sewer Shooter 2K19 is an intense action-packed old school first person shooter that plays like a blend of DOOM and Goldeneye.

Created as a collaborative project by a group of devs (Doodstormer, Fireraver, Herbert and Burger Warrior) Super Sewer Shooter 2K19 is a stylish low poly FPS that hearkens back to the golden days of the 90s FPS. The movement is fast paced and the action is very intense like Doom, while the level design and visual design is a little more akin to Goldeneye.

There are six levels in the game, with each one being designed by a different dev, so each level feels very different, ranging from shooting your way through a flying train to infiltrating a mutant bird facility. The quality of the level design does vary a little bit, but each one is a lot of fun and manages to add a lot of variety to the gameplay (even altering the way the character moves to give the game a different feel).

With six varied and challenging levels it’s a great little package of old school FPS action. The guns feel great, the visuals are striking, the movement is fast and fluid and the soundtrack rocks. Highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Shoot, RMB – Grenade, Mouse Wheel – Switch Weapon, Spacebar – Jump

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Super Sewer Shooter 2K19 Here

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