Super Trump Wall – Browser Game

super trump wall

Super Trump Wall is a silly and surprisingly addictive arcade game in which you bomb Mexicans to make them pay for Donald Trump’s ridiculous wall.

Donald Trump has made some outlandish claims throughout his election campaign, but perhaps his most famous is that he’s going to build a ‘huge’ wall between America and Mexico and will make Mexico pay for it. Quite how he’ll manage this nobody has known until now, but fear not – Super Trump Wall has the answer!

In Super Trump Wall you move President Trump back and forth across his wall, picking up bombs and throwing them at the Mexicans below (and spouting one of Trumps nonsensical campaign soundbites in the process). Each Mexican you bomb will give you some money to build the wall higher and ‘Make America Great Again’. As well as bombs there are a selection of power-ups that come in handy – especially as you have to avoid the dive-bombing American Bald Eagles that seem to be displeased with your antics.

Building your wall and hurling bombs at foreigners is surprisingly fun and addictive in Super Trump Wall, the only problem is we wouldn’t be surprised if that was exactly what Trump did if he was elected!

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement,  Spacebar – Bomb

Available On:  Windows & Browser

Gameplay Video:  Here

Note:  To access the bonus level you have to collect the bonus level power-up and get a high score

Download or Play Super Trump Wall Here

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