Super VHS – Downloadable Game

Super VHS is a fun little simulation game that allows you to bask in the nostalgia of a movie review set filled with terrible straight-to-video movies from the 80’s.

Playable on standard screens or VR, in Super VHS you can explore a faithful recreation of the RedLetterMedia warehouse – the set of the popular RedLetterMedia YouTube movie review show. It’s packed full of great little bits of 80’s culture, from film props to Mario Bros cutouts, but the main attraction are the VHS tapes.

The warehouse is filled with 50 unique VHS tapes, each of which is for a different direct-to-video 80’s movie. They all have the original box art, which you can examine until your heart’s content, and if you manage to find all 50 then you may unlock a special surprise.

It’s a fun little experience that is steeped in 80’s VHS nostalgia. The recreation of RedLetterMedia’s warehouse is very impressive and the box art for the VHS tapes is fantastic. A slice of retro fun well worth pressing Play on!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Win & Mac

Download Super VHS Here

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