Supergun – Browser Game

Supergun is a highly addictive high score chasing arcade shooter with stylish retro 3D visuals and an incredibly catchy electronic soundtrack.

In Supergun you pilot your spaceship along a randomized obstacle course populated by differently colored blocks and power-ups. You fire automatically and can only be killed by running into the indestructible red blocks, with the other blocks that you shoot earning you varying amount of points based on their color.

There are also three different types of power-up that really spice up the action – yellow orbs that temporarily give you multiple guns, purple orbs that gives you rapid fire and flashing orbs that call in a squadron of ships (which either blast all the blocks on screen or fill the screen with high value blocks). The yellow orbs are perhaps the most fun to collect as they’re stackable, increasing your multiplier and making the screen pulse in time with the music when you collect them.

It’s a simple game, but very well done, with addictive reflex-testing arcade gameplay and a fantastic fusion of pulsing visuals and thumping electronic audio that really assaults your senses. Super fun supergunning action – highly recommended.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: All Browsers (Full Screen Recommended)

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Supergun Here (Warning: Contains Flashing Images)

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