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Super Hook game

SUPERHOOK is a super tough first person shooter that blends SUPERHOT’s time-only-moves-when-you-move gameplay with the use of grappling hooks that are your only means of propulsion around the levels.

SUPERHOOK plays a lot like SUPERHOT, with time slowing down to a crawl whenever you stop moving and slow mo gunplay (with you even being able to punch bullets back at enemies), but you can’t walk around the levels – the only way you can move is to fire grappling hooks at structures and propel yourself towards them. The grappling isn’t quite as refined as it could be, with you having to aim quite high into the air to clear the ground you’re standing on – which makes for some really challenging gameplay as you’re often forced high up into the air with no means of cover from enemy bullets. Once you get to grips with your grappling hook it’s great fun though, playing like an intricate puzzle as you figure out the best route for disposing of your enemies.

It has a few rough edges, but It’s a fun game, well worth checking for some super cool SUPERHOT inspired grappling hook action. A super tough FPS that will get you super hooked!

Controls: Mouse – Aim, LMB Shoot, RMB – Throw Weapon, Spacebar – Grappling Hook

Available On: Windows

Download SUPERHOOK Here

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