Surf Shogun – Downloadable Game

surf shogun game

Surf Shogun is a fun high score chasing action game in which you play a lone surfing ronin on a mission to rid the beachfront of the samurai menace.

Playable with one to four players, you surf along the coast, rotating your board to maneuvre across the surf and spinning your sword to slash the samurai. It can take a little while to get to grips with the controls (you’ll need to pay attention to what way your board is facing), but once you master it you’ll be hanging ten and slicing your way up the scoreboards. Reach the top spot on the scoreboard and you’ll become the Surf Shogun.

It’s a fun and addictive little game, with a fun 80’s futuristic vibe, a cool soundtrack and unique surf and slash gameplay. It’s like, totally radical dude.

Controls:  Customizable

Available On:  Windows Only

Gameplay Video:  Here

Download Surf Shogun Here

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