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SWAP is a cleverly crafted third person puzzle platforming adventure where you use your ability to swap places with objects as you search a strange house for your grandfather’s things.

In SWAP you take control of a young girl who has been asked to gather a handful of items for their grandfather. Your grandfather’s house is a little odd and not the easiest place to get around, thanks to various forcefields, monsters, switch-operated doors and pools of molten lava, but thankfully you have a nifty teleportation ability up your sleeve.

You can aim and point at certain glowing objects then instantly switch places with them. This not only comes in handy for getting you to out of reach areas, but can be used to move the glowing objects to places where they’re needed (such as on-top of pressure-plate switches).

It does have a few little rough edges, but on the whole SWAP is a well crafted puzzle adventure with inventive puzzle design, high quality visuals and a fun teleportation/swapping ability. A great little adventure well worth checking out.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, RMB – Select, LMB – Swap, Spacebar – Jump

Available On: Windows

Download SWAP Here

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