Swarm Simulator: Evolution – Download Game

Swarm Simulator: Evolution is an addictive little incremental clicker where you build up your colony of bugs, conquer territory, evolve more powerful bugs and sacrifice smaller bugs for the greater good.

In Swarm Simulator: Evolution your aim is to build and evolve your little bug territory into a gigantic universe conquering mega-swarm. The most basic currency is meat, which is created by drones and used to create drones, but all the more powerful units are created by sacrificing the weaker ones. There’s also a ton or upgrades and boosts you can unlock and each time you restart you move to a new world and unlock powerful new mutations.

As with all incremental clickers, Swarm Simulator: Evolution is just all about making the numbers go up, but the visuals are great, there’s a nice amount of depth to the gameplay and there’s always something for the player to do (which is why it’s so addictive). How big can you build your bug army?

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac (Steam)

Download Swarm Simulator: Evolution Here

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