Swarmation – Browser Game


Swarmation is a fun experimental massively multiplayer formation game in which each player controls a pixel and must arrempt to get into formation to create basic pieces of pixel art.

In Swarmation you are presented with a picture in the top left of the screen, then must attempt to co-ordinate with the other online to move ally your pixels to form that picture. The controls are simple in Swarmation (just use the arrow keys to move your pixel), but getting into formation is surprisingly difficult. With no other form of communication other than movement, players tend to adopt a swarm mentality, roaming around in packs very little definition, but getting  the shape right now and again.

It may cause you to shout at your computer screen occasionally out of frustration of just missing out on some points because someone moved, but Swarmation is a surprisingly addictive experience. With a little practice and a lot of players it may well be possible to create your very own massively multiplayer pieces of pixel art!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: All Browsers

Play Swarmation Here

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