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Sweetbox is an oddly relaxing PS1 styled open world adventure where you roam around a small island that’s been devastated by a storm, chatting to NPCs, scavenging resources and earning cash to help you complete little quests.

In Sweetbox you take on the role of a young inhabitant of a small island that’s recovering from a catastrophic storm. You’re broke and pretty much everything on the island costs money, but you can earn cash by completing quests, foraging for mushrooms/starfish, harvesting gold from caves or even farming. Along the way you’ll meet lots of quirky characters and discover the many little secrets the island holds.

If you’re looking for action and fast-paced gameplay then you’ll want to stay clear of Sweetbox. However it’s perfect if you’re looking for something a little more sedate – a nice place to wander around and discover at your leisure.

Controls: Keyboard & Mouse

Available On: Windows

Download Sweetbox Here

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